Colorado Senator Michael Merrifield

The Peoples Voice


Some of the key legislation being worked on by Senator Merrifield

HB16- 1003 Altering the income tax deduction for contributions to qualifying college savings accounts, and the deduction for interest earnings on or withdrawals from these savings accounts to the extent that they are used for qualifying higher education expenses and are not already excluded from federal taxable income

HB16- 1005 Allowing the collection of precipitation from the roof of a home in up to two rain barrels with a combined storage capacity of 110 gallons or less.

HB16- 1050 Creating  a task force to address issues relating to the child care needs of low-income parents.

HB16- 1288 Creating the industry infrastructure grant program within the state work force development council.


One thought on “Legislation

  1. Re Senate 18: The people relentless about going fast in bad road conditions are by far a bigger problem than the occasional driver more cautious than average, imo. I’ll pull over if I can safely but these impatient drivers usually tailgate right up to your bumper and make it very difficult and unsafe to slow down. How about tacking on higher fines for unsafe for conditions driving, passing on yellow lines and tailgating? That would balance your proposal.


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