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Chosen as Minority Whip

15056509_817800701696431_4516601145871728654_nI am proud to have been chosen as the Colorado State Senate Minority Whip for the Seventy-First General Assembly.
I look forward to representing all of you in the State Senate, and fighting for the Democratic principles and ideals that we all cherish.


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Welcome to the New Website! What’s Going On Right Now

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” -Theodore Roosevelt


And we’re off and running!  Welcome to our new Senate Website, From here you can follow along with what’s going on at the Capitol, the legislation I’m working on, what I’m up to around my district and around the state, and get an insight to my positions on the issues that are important to all Coloradans. So bookmark this page!

2015 Senate Democrats

2015 Senate Democrats

 I am sponsoring and co-sponsoring some important and exciting bills, which have begun to be seen before their respective committees. Crucial bills that help make our educators more effective, reduce the overwhelming testing burden placed on our schoolchildren, and make college more affordable for middle and low income families. I am also working across the aisle on legislation to change how we treat juveniles in the court system, and to aid in the development of some of the most economically troubled areas of our state.


What’s Coming Up-

Senate Bill 15-003
Eliminating the 50 Percent Academic Growth Requirement
when Evaluating Educators

 I am a firm believer in fair and equitable evaluations of educator’s, but requiring 50% of an evaluation to be based on test scores is anything but fair and equitable. A wide range of issues beyond a teacher’s control can effects test scores, and relying so heavily on the scores in evaluation creates an atmosphere where tests become the most important focus in the classroom. My bill eliminates this requirement.

With members of Bicycle Colorado

With members of Bicycle Colorado

Senate Bill 15-073
Reducing the Amount of Tests Administered by Public Schools

 Our students, our teachers, and our schools are struggling under the overwhelming weight of excessive testing. Education is becoming narrowly focused on producing the best possible test scores, while giving little attention to anything that isn’t on the test.

Overtesting has become an extremely unpopular issue. My bill cuts testing back to the Federal required minimums, allowing teachers to teach, and putting the focus back on children receiving a broad and enriching education.

Senate Bill 15-118
State Tuition Tax Deductions
for College Invest

On the Senate Floor

College Invest is a important way to help keep the cost of college tuition affordable. My bill increases the amount of tax deductions for contributions to College Invest for middle and low income families, making college tuition more affordable. This bill will be up for a vote in the Senate Finance committee on Thursday, March 5th.

House Bill 15-1157
Working Group for Economic Development in Distressed Regions
Working across the aisle with Co-Sponsor Republican Representative Yeulin WIllet of Grand Junction,  our bill creates a working group to evaluate and recommend economic development proposals for distressed regions and neighborhoods throughout our state.
Comments, concerns, and your thoughts and opinions are, or course, always welcome. Please sign up to follow me by email, “like” my Facebook page, and also follow me on Twitter, @Merrifield_SD11. Keep in contact and stay involved. Together, we can make a difference.


Thank you


-Michael Merrifield


(L-R) Senator Merrifield, Adies Scott and Kim, Representative Melton at the Colorado Beer Caucus at the Governor's Mansion

(L-R) Senator Merrifield, Aides Scott and Kim, Representative Melton at the Colorado Beer Caucus at the Governor’s Mansion