Colorado Senator Michael Merrifield

The Peoples Voice

Town Hall with Representatives Pete Lee and Tony Exum

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Thank you everyone who came out  to join Representatives Lee, Exum, and me for the town hall. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to discuss plans for the 2017 Colorado General Assembly, and to hear your thoughts and suggestions for the next year.


One thought on “Town Hall with Representatives Pete Lee and Tony Exum

  1. Dear Senator Merrifield,

    I’m sorry we missed your town hall at this critical time. Since the election, I have been searching for ways to help mitigate the legislation the Trump administration is poised to enact given his potential nominees and a Republican Senate and House. It is a depressing and daunting task. I am particularly concerned about environmental issues (clean water, air, land, safe food) as well as the destruction of public education as we know it. I do not know what can be done at the state level but hope Colorado’s responses can preserve our environment and public education. Although I am not in your district, I would like to volunteer to assist in some way to protect both public education and the environment.

    Thank you, too, for your letter regarding the water contamination in Security, Widefield and Fountain.


    Mary Talbott

    886 Pistol River Way

    Colorado Springs, CO 80921



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